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Did you know?Furnace Cleaning Richmond, VA

If your car was used as often as your furnace and air conditioner, it would have traveled over 200,000 miles in a year. Impossible you say? Well, it’s not. Your home heating and cooling system operates approximately 3,200 hours in a year. If you traveled 3,200 hours at 65 mph in your car you would have changed your oil 66 times, used 4 sets of tires, performed 4 tune-ups and flushed your cooling system 3 times.

No one would drive that many miles without performing any maintenance and expect for things to function properly. Just like your car, your furnace needs a tune-up, lubrication and cleaning. By performing a precision tune-up on your furnace, you minimize the chance of breakdowns — saving energy and extending the life of your heating system.

Do not allow your furnace in Richmond, Virginia to go this year without a thorough inspection and cleaning.

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“We just had a Main Line put in due to a leak and Frankie did an excellent job! You would never know we just had this work done; our yard and brand new driveway were unharmed!”

Jennifer Haas Spiegel

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