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Stemmle Plumbing Can Repair Your Water or Sewer Lines Without Digging

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We create a pipe within the damaged pipe so digging is not needed. We have experience with both trenchless methods – pulled in place or inversion, so we can make the best recommendation for your home or business. Call us today at 744-6401.

Stemmle trenchless pipe repair

It’s Like We Were Never There!

Stemmle Plumbing is your water and sewer line repair expert.  With our No-DIG  pipe repair technology we can repair sewer line damage without having to dig up your landscaping , driveway, etc.

Stemmle Plumbing uses  the latest in video technology to see inside the damaged water or sewer line.  This allows us  to be able to diagnosis your water or sewer line problem without having to dig up your yard.   We will review the video with you so that you will know the source of the problem and make a well educated diagnosis.

Stemmle Trenchless Pipe Repair Richmond, VA

Trenchless (No-DIG) water and  sewer repair is  great  alternative to the traditional method of excavation.


  • You don’t have to worry about the added expense of having to replace your driveway or landscaping
  • Quick compared to traditional methods. Typically the process takes 2-3 days versus weeks with a traditional DIG method
  • The  material used to reline the pipe is a  high-quality and durable – it is designed to withstand corroding and tree root invasion.


Trenchless Pipe Services Richmond, VA


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