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Storm Sewer Root Removal Richmond, VA

Look at those Roots!!


We were able to cut out, remove the roots and unstop this sewer pipe using our special hydraulic root cutter.


“Was having some trouble with our septic system and asked Stemmle to come out and provide a second opinion on the issue, and provide a repair quote. We were told it would be $79 to have someone come by and talk with us. They gave us a date and time, and we met them at the house. However, the person who arrived was just a pump-guy, turns out their septic specialist wasn’t available, so he charged us $289+, pumped our tank and left. We setup a second appointment, left work to be home during the service window, but found he had already come and left. We never got a quote or anything in writing as to the issue or a recommended fix. I called back and was told it would take some time to figure out what they wanted to do to fix it. I wanted three more weeks and nothing, then hired a different contractor. I’m now trying to get my wasted $289 back.”

Lee Adcock

Stemmle Plumbing and HVAC Richmond, VA