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Sewer Line Replacement

Sewer Line Replacement Service in Richmond, VA

Fully Trained Using the Latest Technology for Sewer Line Replacement in RichmondSewer Line Replacement

Stemmle Plumbing is equipped to provide full-service excavation in Richmond as well as sewer line replacement in Richmond and the Metro area. Many of the huge developments and sewer line replacement jobs in and around the greater Richmond region were performed by the professionals at Stemmle Plumbing.

Before you dig, give us a call

Before you dig (or hire a contractor), give us a call for a 2nd opinion. If your sewer line needs to be replaced, we can help. But often, we can offer other alternatives that may be advantageous to you financially. Remember this: if you call an excavator, he is going to want to dig. This can be very expensive. At Stemmle Plumbing we do both. We are a plumbing company first. But if you need excavation, we can handle that too.

Sewer Line Replacement Prevention

One way to prevent a future sewer line replacement and repair is INSPECTION. Let us inspect and perform routine maintenance before a problem strikes.

Our workmanship is guaranteed. Period.

You may not even know you have a sewer line problem, but if you notice a sinkhole in the yard or an unpleasant odor – call us right away. You might also experience collapsed sidewalks/driveways or a soggy lawn. We will attempt to unclog the line, locate the problem and dig down to the broken line. Our team is skilled with excavation in Richmond and you can rely on us to repair, inspect and clean up the site.

Sewer Line Replacement in Richmond and the Metro Area

It’s time to replace your sewer line when:

  • Your pipes are broken cracked or collapsed due to frozen ground, settling or shifting soil
  • Grease build-up or an obstruction restricts the proper flow or cleaning of the line.
  • The pipe may is corroded from age or materials used.
  • Roots have invaded the line or the seals between the pipes have broken, causing leaking joints.


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