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Septic Services in Richmond and Hampton Roads.

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Septic System Service Richmond, VA.

Stemmle Plumbing offers Residential and Commercial Septic System Service, Repair and Replacement

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Stemmle Plumbing is the most trusted provider of septic system service in Richmond, VA.  Our service technicians have the most experience and knowledge available in Richmond to better assist you 24  hours a day 7 days a week.  When you require septic service, we are prompt, professional, and help you maintain the viability of your leach field, property, and drinking water.  Some time, to perform septic pumping, a small section of your yard will be dug up. Our expert service technicians are proud of the way we put things back just as we  found them.

Our proven track record speaks of quality workmanship time and time again.  We are the local cleanliness leader serving Greater Richmond for over 2 decades.

Residential Septic Service  “Offering competitive rates for proven service”

Just like your garbage can, your septic tank needs to be emptied too! And we don’t just empty it, we really clean it. We have a high-speed agitation system the breaks up all of the solids.

Our Service Includes:

  • Locating and digging up tank
  • Visual Inspection of drain field
  • Cleaning and emptying
  • Returning it all back to the way it was
  • Our trucks are equipped with 150 ft. of hose – no damage to your landscape!
  • And a cherry scent – no lingering odors

Our job is  to ensure your septic system is properly maintained and to assist you with any septic issues. Stemmle Plumbing Septic Service provides service 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to ensure we are there to assist you in case of emergencies. Our customers understand that responsible decisions with regard to the care and maintenance of their septic system will have a positive impact on precious ground water and on the economic plans they have for their homes and businesses. 

Residential Septic Service offered:

  • Septic inspections and certification
  • Regular septic system pumping and maintenance recommendations.
  • Emergency  service seven days a week provided by of one of the largest vehicle fleets of  4000-gallon capacity trucks.
  • Line snaking
  • Line cleaning and thawing
  • High velocity water jetting
  • Fiber optic video pipe inspection
  • 1,  2 and 3 year service reminders
  • Underground tank and pipe locating services
  • Filter cleaning
  • Competitive rates

Same day septic service to Richmond, Chesterfield, Henrico, Hanover, Powhatan, Goochland, Petersburg, Colonial Heights and Hopewell. Stemmle Plumbing Septic Service is fully insured and bonded and we are committed to the  environment and community.

Commercial Septic Tank Services

“Offering competitive rates for proven service”

Why choose Stemmle Plumbing Septic Commercial Services:

  • Services for condominium associations, large housing complexes, and mobile home associations.
  • Restaurant grease trap service
  • Commercial site rebuilds without a sewer connection
  • Factory  bulk waste disposal
  • Industrial waste water holding tank disposal
  • Emergency septic pumping for pump station failure
  • State and local emergency sewer drain disruption service
  • Mobile  holding tanks service for all Commercial, Amusement and Entertainment Industry needs.

Regular septic maintenance intervals prevent system failures and ensures the economic value of your property.


We provide:

  • Septic inspection and certification
  • Septic system pumping and bulk waste transportation  for all industry needs.
  • Emergency service seven days a week by one of the  largest vehicle fleets of 4000-gallon capacity trucks.
  • Grease trap maintenance for the food service  industry.
  • Line snaking
  • High velocity water jetting
  • Fiber optic video pipe inspection
  • Line cleaning  and thawing
  • 1,  2 and 3 year service reminders
  • Underground tank and pipe locating services.
  • Competitive rates

To order Residential or Commercial Septic Tank service call (804) 744-6401.

RICHMOND: 804-744-6401

HAMPTON ROADS: 757-283-2564



“I called these folks yesterday about a sewage leak at one of my personal rental properties. I was on edge having tenants in the property….they said they would be there today between 8 – 12 they were there at 9AM, finished the job and were very pleasant. YAH HOO Stemmle Plumbing! You are the greatest!”

Lestra W.

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