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In Richmond, when you find that your drains are damaged, collapsing or even need replacing, it can seem like a disaster.

The immediate symptoms – bad smells and worse troubling you, your employees and your customers plus the impact on your business – are bad enough. But then there‘s the fear that the cure could prove an even bigger headache – huge diggers tearing up your premises, massive disruption and a bill that you don’t want to think about. Well, let us put your mind at rest – we can fix most problem drains quickly, cost-effectively and without having to dig up anything. We call it Stemmle Plumbing No Dig Technology.

This technology has grown really fast! Our No-dig technology has moved so fast in recent years that we can now repair anything from small breaks in an underground pipe to collapsed sewers without a digger ever being required. Most of the problems you’d expect with drains can be fixed quickly and easily – from fractures and cracks to subsidence, invasions by tree roots and corrosion.


Call Stemmle Plumbing today, and see if we can save you both time and money.

“Had one of your guys come out to fix a clog. Quick, friendly and professional. You have an excellent company with fantastic employees!”

Ed N.

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