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Neofit is a rehabilitation system specially developed for the lining of potable water service lines with internal diameters from 0.39” – 1.77”. Although originally developed for the rehabilitation of lead services, the system is equally applicable to services of other materials, like copper or steel. A small flexible pipe made of PET material is brought in the service pipe to be rehabilitated and subsequently expanded. The result is a thin-walled, very strong lining, close-fit inside the old service pipe. In this manner, a protective barrier is created, preventing future contact which could pollute the potable water. Furthermore, the tightness of the old service is restored, and the flow properties increased substantially.

Neofit System Benefits

  • Immediate cure to water quality problems. Neofit forms an immediate, effective barrier avoiding lead leaching into the drinking water.
  • Speed of installation. With a crew of just 2, multiple installations can be achieved each day
  • Minimum disruption. Trenchless, no-dig technique, with host pipe left insitu.
  • No risk of damage or disruption to other utility services.
  • Cost effective. Existing service lines can be lined at only 40-60% of the cost of open cut replacement.
  • Eliminates leakage detection time.
  • Multiple applications. Applicable for water applications for multiple materials – lead, steel, copper and galvanized iron.
  • Flow capacity. Neofit has a minimum effect on flow rates. It often increases flow capacity!
  • Durable. Neofit is made from Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) and offers 50 years long term strength. PET material is resistant to many hazardous fluids and treatments such as chlorination (with NaClOx).
  • Environmental friendly No chemicals are required and only a minimum of digging is necessary.


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