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Hiring a Plumber in Richmond VA

Hiring Plumbers in Richmond, VA

There are many issues that can occur when hiring a service technician to fix a problem in your home. First you must understand what to look for in a company before every calling and hiring them. This is why we have come up with a list not only when hiring plumbers in Richmond VA, but anywhere in the Nation.

    • A plumber must have a plumbing license and be fully insured before he can start any work in your home. This is the most basic rule for every company who offers home services. If something is to happen when they are working on your plumbing, they will be insured to pay their customers to have another company fix the issue they caused.


    • Get a bid from several different plumbers in your area that you can find online. Check out their website for previous work examples and make sure the company has plenty of work experience in the field before they head to your home.


    • Check out reviews and ratings about previous customers with the company. This is overlooked by many unhappy customers who are in a rush to find a plumber. Don’t rush!! Make sure their previous customers are happy or you may be the next one adding poor reviews for their company.


    • Always ask the service technician about guarantees and limitations. Almost all companies add something to the offer so they make as much money as possible. Find out those guarantees before having a plumber sell you on their service.


    • Find a plumber who can offer a quote over the phone. This is a great sign that they have done the job before and know what they are getting into. Lots of new residential plumbers want to provide a quote only when they can see the issue. Then they charge you for simple coming over. They also will charge more when running into issues on the project and realize how much longer it will take. Make sure to ask about price increases before, during, and after the plumbing services has been completed.