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Drain cleaning service in Richmond, VA.

Drain Cleaning Richmond Va

Stemmle Plumbing Rooter Service Richmond, VA

At Stemmle Plumbing, our customers are important to us. We understand that drain cleaning in the Richmond area is one of the most needed services in the plumbing business. This is why we offer hassle free fast service to all of our customers in Richmond. There is always a technician on stand by 24 hours a day – 7 days a week to unclog that clogged drain, toilet, pipe, sink, shower or other plumbing fixture. If in doubt, Don’t go it alone! You may be thinking, why a professional drain cleaning service? You may think that you can do it yourself with that store bought chemical that you’ve always used instead of using a professional plumber.

Are you aware that most chemicals used to clean drains are actually harmful to your drains, pipes and septic tank? They are corrosive to your pipes and can deteriorate the chemicals in your septic tank that are needed for breaking down sewage. A professional plumber eliminates this risk by either not using a chemical (rooting) or by using a non-chemical drain cleaning solution. As a matter of fact, Stemmle Plumbing may be able to sell you a chemical that is not typically found at your local store. So before you go out and buy a standard solution or try unbending that hanger, call Stemmle Plumbing, Richmond’s most professional professional drain cleaning service! Stemmle Plumbing will take care of all of your drain cleaning needs without harming your drains, pipes or septic tank.

“Thank you for sending David out this morning. What I thought would be an involved & costly pipe replacement turned out to be an easy fix (so thankful!). Y’all have never failed to impress me by doing a great job at a fair price! :)”


Kim C.

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