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Hybrid water heaters installation Richmond, VA

­Unless you’ve had the unfortunate incidence of a broken water heater, you probably haven’t given much thought to that large structure in the closet or basement. Until it stops working and you’re stuck with cold showers, water heaters don’t occupy most people’s daily thoughts.

In fact, until recently, water heaters weren’t even on the radar of Energy Star, a government program that certifies energy-efficient appliances. Even though water heaters generally use the most energy of any home appliance, Energy Star didn’t start regulating their energy usage until 2008.

Now there’s a movement to make water heaters more energy efficient. This can mean huge energy savings, as about 17 percent of a home’s energy usage stems from its water heater. These savings are good not only for the environment and your future, but also your wallet. Hybrid water heaters could save the average family hundreds – possibly even thousands – in energy costs each year.

When you hear the word “hybrid,” you might imagine a tank that gets charged with a battery and then can also run off gas, like a hybrid car.

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